In our long wanderings in the world of Google Ads, we have come across and analyzed countless accounts. From this experience, we discovered the most common mistakes that escape even the most skilled eyes in the advertising space. In our upcoming article, we will reveal secrets and tips about Google Ads, so well hidden that they will surprise you. These tips will enable you to take advantage of every euro of your budget, avoiding common pitfalls that can increase costs to no avail. Read on to learn how to make your ad spend more efficient.

Conversions in Google Ads must be measured correctly

The term “conversions” is the holy grail in the world of digital marketing, representing the critical moment where a visitor transforms into a customer. In an eshop, this transformation takes place in the form of a purchase. But don’t be fooled, conversions aren’t always so immediate. On a site like the one you’re exploring now, a conversion can be a simple click on a phone number, sending a message through a contact form, or signing up for our newsletter. Each conversion is one step closer to cultivating a relationship with the visitor, turning curiosity into engagement.

A frequent obstacle to accurately measuring conversions is the incorrect installation of tracking code by the developer. This can lead to inaccurate data, leaving you in the dark about how your website is actually performing. Even when the code is correctly placed, problems can occur if your account on Google Ads is not configured with the appropriate configuration. This detail is critical to the accuracy of your metrics and the success of your campaigns, as conversions are the indicators that show us the way to improvement and achieving your goals. In an eshop, it is not enough to measure only how many conversions there are, but also their value, especially when we are talking about an eshop.

Google ads μετατροπές
Google ads μετατροπές

We need to not only measure correctly but also measure the right conversions in Google Ads

In the images above you can see that even though it is an eshop, we monitor not only the purchases but also the telephones and also the communication through the contact form. We do this because the products sold by this particular eshop are expensive and it is more likely that someone will contact us by email or phone first before buying them. So we should both measure the conversions correctly and also have them correctly determined from the beginning according to our products or services.

The target location is wrong

The most common mistake we see in Google Ads is location targeting. Of course, Google Ads which has the specific option and hard to understand but also carefully hidden so that it “wastes” your advertising budget


Don’t advertise to your non-potential customers

Choosing the right geo-targeting for your Google Ads campaigns is critical to attracting the right audience. When your target is people who live in or frequently visit a certain area, the “Presence” setting is the ideal choice. This ensures that your ads will be shown to users who are actually in the location you are targeting.

Conversely, Presence or Interest can extend the delivery of your ads to people who are outside of your target area but have expressed an interest in it. This can be ideal for tourism businesses or hotels that want to attract visitors from other areas.

Proper geo-targeting is one of the pillars of the success of your advertising efforts, as it allows you to precisely reach the audience most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Wrong display option in Search Campaign

Avoiding unwanted ad serving on inappropriate networks is one of the most critical factors in the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. In search campaigns, the default setting that includes both the search network and the display network may not be the wisest choice. In 99% of cases, advertisers prefer to focus exclusively on the search network to ensure that their ads are shown to users who are actively searching for their products or services.

google ads προβολή
google ads προβολή

Deactivating the display network in search campaigns of Google Ads can significantly improve performance by reducing unwanted impressions and costs from serving non-relevant users. This allows for the most targeted and cost-effective use of your advertising budget, ensuring that your ads reach the audience most likely to respond to your offer.

The desired setting is the above as shown in the photos. Attention, the title Search Network is misleading and does not concern your visibility in the search results! What we want when we talk about search campaigns that are essentially in the Top Funnel is for this option to be disabled.

Beware of Auto Apply

The suggestion to enable Auto Apply in Google Ads may come from Google representatives as part of their strategy to simplify and automate advertising processes. However, at WebMate, we recognize that success in the advertising field requires a tailored approach. We choose to maintain control of our campaigns, adjusting options based on each Account’s unique needs and goals.

This approach allows detailed monitoring and optimization of advertising efforts, ensuring that every euro invested in advertising turns into real value for our customers. Our experience has shown that careful selection and adjustment of advertising options can lead to better results than the automatic application that is often suggested as a “one size fits all” solution.

αυτόματη εφαρμογή Google Ads
αυτόματη εφαρμογή Google Ads

Where is the automatic application in Google Ads

Accessing the advanced settings of Google Ads can feel like a treasure hunt, with the most important options well hidden deep within the system. To discover these “hidden” options, you’ll need to navigate to the “Suggestions” section and then locate the “Auto Apply” option located at the top right of the screen. There, a menu will open allowing you to view and manage the automatic apps that have been suggested for your account.

It is important to approach these suggestions with a critical eye and carefully evaluate whether they fit your goals and strategy before implementing them. The experience and expertise that WebMate offers in managing Google Ads is invaluable in this process, ensuring that every decision made is targeted and informed.

Managing advertising campaigns in Google Ads can be full of surprises, as the case of one of our customers proves. After setting a ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) target of an impressive 500%, we were surprised to notice that the next day the ROAS had dropped to 350%. While searching for the cause of this unexpected change, we discovered that the ROAS change auto-app was on, throwing our expectations and strategy into disarray. Ultimately, after careful analysis and optimization, we came to the conclusion that the ideal ROAS for this client was 710% – a goal that was not only met, but exceeded initial expectations.

Budget too small

Investing in Google Ads is a strategic decision that requires careful planning and realistic expectations. Often, local businesses start with a monthly budget of at least 700 euros, while eshops with a nationwide reach should think about investments of 2500 euros and above per month. Of course, these amounts are not absolute and there are always exceptions, but starting with a very low budget often means that you are not ready for a real investment, but just to test the waters.

Even in the testing phase, it is important to have a large enough budget to be able to accurately evaluate the performance of your products or services online. And let’s not forget: every advertising effort, even if it does not directly lead to financial profit, contributes to increasing brand awareness – the so-called “Awareness”. This means that every euro spent on advertising is an investment in the company’s awareness, a step closer to conquering the market.

Advertise Google Ads correctly

In order to take full advantage of Google Ads and ensure that your ads have the desired performance, it is important to take into account the above advisory tips. If you don’t have the necessary experience or knowledge to manage Google Ads ads, choosing a professional with proven experience like WebMate may be your best strategy. With its specialized knowledge and years of experience, WebMate will ensure that your advertising campaign is effective, targeted and produces the desired results.

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