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Redevelopment of e-shop, SEO, Content Migration from Magento, Redirects from Magento to WooCommerce, WCAG 2.0 Compliance for Accessibility


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Redevelopment of e-shop Kavoukistools.gr

At Webmate, we undertook a major reconstruction, that of the e-shop kavoukistools.gr, migrating it from Magento to WooCommerce. The previous e-shop was running on Magento 1, which had become non-functional. The design of the e-shop was created from scratch with the goal of allowing customers to easily and quickly find what they need. We developed a custom WordPress theme and custom block on the homepage featuring the store’s main offers. Another significant aspect of the e-shop is the category pages, where you can find frequently asked questions and customer comments.

ανακατασκευή e-shop καβούκης
ανακατασκευή e-shop καβούκης
ανακατασκευή e-shop καβούκης
ανακατασκευή e-shop καβούκης
faq kavoukis

Responsive e-shop & Accessibility

Great emphasis was placed on the mobile version of this e-shop, as having the analytics from the previous version revealed that the majority of its audience visited it from mobile phones and made their purchases through them. Another aspect we paid attention to was making the eshop easily accessible to people with disabilities, based on WCAG 2.0 standards. The search functionality of the e-shop is also crucial, and we gave it priority to play a dominant role in the design. Finally, a very challenging task assigned to us and successfully completed was the migration of products from Magento to WooCommerce, along with their attributes and the restructuring of categories.

responsive eshop


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