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E-shop development, SEO, E-shop design, E-shop compliance with WCAG 2.0 standards for people with disabilities


WordPress, Woocommerce, Google Analytics intergration, Custom filters, Custom animations, Custom Theme

FLOREX - Web-Mate

E-shop development for the florist Florex.gr

The florist shop FLOREX in the city of Kavala entrusted us with the reconstruction of its website and the incorporation of an e-shop, allowing its customers to place online orders in line with the demands of our era. Through this project, we aimed to emphasize the color sensation that a flower shop conveys to a visitor and make them feel as if they are truly inside the space with the flowers. The website’s design was crafted by our close collaborator Tooman design, and the development was carried out by Webmate. The result has left both the client and us thoroughly satisfied.

florex eshop
eshop gia anthopolio

Emphasis on filters and functionality

During the development, special attention was given to providing the best user experience for visitors. We wanted the e-shop to be user-friendly and for users to quickly find what they need. For this reason, we not only created appropriate categories based on the type of flowers in the menu but also added an additional categorization based on the occasion a user might be searching for a flower or bouquet for. Finally, we paid special attention to the filters, allowing users to quickly narrow down their choices based on factors such as color, size, price, and many more!

filtra eshop

Speed, responsive design, and accessibility for people with disabilities

At WEBMATE, one of our main goals is to ensure that the websites we create are lightning-fast and optimized for any device they are used on. To achieve this, we strive to build custom templates for each of our clients, tailored uniquely to their design preferences and optimized for speed. As an agency, we aim to use as few plugins as possible, and we followed this approach in this specific case as well.

veltiosi taxititas eshop

Emphasis was placed on accessibility based on the WCAG 2.0 standards for people with disabilities, and finally, on access from any device, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Seo Optimized e-shop

In this ESHOP, we provided the service of website promotion for local searches in addition to all of the above. To achieve the goal of high rankings on Google, original content was created, the Google My Business and social media profiles were properly filled out, and, perhaps most importantly, all best practices for SEO were followed on the website



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